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Sunset Kite Center

Fully authorised watersports and sailing school by the Goverment of the Canary Islands.

Beginner Kitesurfing Course

New to kitesurfing? Our beginners’ course is designed for absolute beginners! Our kitesurfing lessons will help you to understand all of the basic kitesurfing techniques, both in theory and in practice. Our goal is for you to become a self-sufficient kitesurfer, so we are fully committed to providing you with the support and facilities that you need to succeed.

Our lessons

Our individual lessons are tailored to your pace, needs and abilities. This way learning is more dynamic and closely supervised, which gives you a greater sense of control, trust and safety while practising the sport.

A group lesson is a fun way to learn kitesurfing in good company. To ensure that our teaching process always maintains the highest standards of quality we offer group lessons for groups of up to a maximum of 4 people.

Course structure

The course is divided into three phases. Each phase corresponds to a different activity designed to help you learn and understand a new technical aspect of kitesurfing.

Learning to kitesurf requires going step by step, mastering one phase at a time. At the end of this learning process, you will definitely be able to kite safely on your own. The course lasts for three days, with a three hour class per day. You can take the entire course in three consecutive days or take each phase at a time that suits you best.

Our kitesurfing course is organised in the following way:

Phase 1 - Day 1

Kite piloting techniques.
  1. Learning basic guidelines regarding safety and the rules of the beach. How to choose safe spot to set up your kite.
  2. Getting to know the equipment, all of the parts and their functions.
  3. How to safely set up and take down your kite.
  4. Simulated kite control, rapid emergency release. Releasing the bar and unhooking (in case of quick release failure).
  5. Launching the kite. Kite control exercises.
  6. Moving upwind and downwind with one hand on the bar.
If you have already taken a kite piloting course, you can skip this phase and begin the course directly with phase 2.

Phase 2 - Day 2

Piloting techniques with your body in the water.

  1. Launching the kite from the water after dropping the bar. (Recovering flight).
  2. Going into and coming out of the water with the kite in flight.
  3. Body drag downwind, body drag upwind.
  4. Figure of eight, on the sand and in the water.
  5. Power body drag.

Phase 3 - Day 3

Sailing techniques.

  1. Trim the bar without losing the control of the kite.
  2. Placing the board on the sand and positions.
  3. Sand start (simulation of water start). Adopting the necessary position before a water start.
  4. Getting on the board in the water (water start) and moving yourself along the board.
  5. How to slow down and progressively stop.
  6. Self-rescue techniques.

Prices - Beginner Course

Phase 1 person 2 people
Phase 1 175 € 105 € per person
Phase 2 175 € 105 € per person
Phase 3 175 € 105 € per person
Full course 525 € 315 € per person

All necessary equipment and accident insurance are included in the price of the course.

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Prices - Special offers!

Have you already taken the beginner course and want more classes? We will give you a 10% discount!

1 person 2 people
3 additional hours with a 15% discount 160 € 100 € per person

Classes outside the beginner course - 2 hours minimum

1 person 2 people
Additional hour 60 € 55 € per person
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Classes at advanced levels

If you are interested in improving your kitesurfing technique or if you want to learn new riding styles, get in touch with us. We also offer advanced, freestyle, advanced freerider, and foil courses.

(2 hours minimum)

People Price
1 person €60 /hour
2 people €55 per person / hour


For your peace of mind when you ride, we offer a supervision service. This service includes accident insurance, board, kite, bar, harness, wetsuit and pump. You will ride under the supervision of our teachers, who will make sure that everything runs smoothly and you can remain in constant contact with them via walkie-talkie.

€140 / 3 hours.

Kitesurf gear rental

Are you already a self-sufficient kitesurfer? If your answer is 'yes', then you will probably be interested in renting kitesurfing equipment without taking any lessons. We offer a full range of kitesurfing gear and equipment so you can practise at your leisure.

This service includes accident insurance, board, kite, bar, harness, wetsuit and pump.

Rental service conditions: For safety reasons, we only rent gear to riders that know how to sail upwind.

75 € / 4 hours 95 € / full day

Your peace and safety whilst kiting, along with the peace and safety of other kiters, beach staff, and others, depend not only on you knowing how to ride, but also on you knowing the place in which you're sailing. This is why we strongly recommend an initial two hours of practice with one of our teachers to ALL riders without previous experience in El Médano, this way you can get all the important information about the site and learn which are the dangerous areas (rocks, ocean currents, etc).

We are a kite surfing centre with brands such as F One and Cabrinha. Come and take advantage of our equipment hire and shop in el Médano.

Our Customers' Opinions

  • Amazing kite school, highly recommended! I did a 3 day private course with Gonzalo and was even able to go upwind. The equipment is quite new and the whole team super friendly and motivated. I’ll comeback for sure. Thanks a lot, Marvin Marvin Blumenthal
  • I had a great overall experience here. Toni, Jan and Ruben are a friendly and encouraging team who are clearly passionate about what they do. The school provides quality equipment and organises lessons efficiently. The instructors also pay close attention to the wind conditions and were very flexible about rearranging my classes to make sure that I got the most out of them.

    I started as a complete beginner with Ruben and I was in very good hands. He took safety seriously and explained the technical aspects clearly. His patience, good humour and encouragement throughout really helped me to stay motivated.

    In short, this is a professional outfit that I felt wanted to help me to progress while also having a good time.

    Alex Nichol
  • We had a fantastic experience in our beginner's course. The whole team is extremely helpful and friendly and Ruben was just the most amazing teacher. We learned a lot while also having a ton of fun during our sessions. The only regret we have is not starting the course sooner so we could have spent more time learning with this fantastic team. Thanks again Ruben for making the course with you the highlight of our holiday! We'll definitely be back for a follow-up course (and don't forget my Spanish lessons ;)). Lisa Eschbaumer
five star reviews

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